Top 10 Sites Like SolarMovie You Must Try for Watching Movies

Are you a movie buff? Planning a movie weekend at home?

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Internet and emerging technology have the solution to all your problems. Streaming videos and movies online are one of the other advantages of the internet. SolarMovie is a site that comes to the mind of every movie freak when it comes to watching movies or videos online, that too absolutely free. SolarMovie used to be one of the popularly used movie sites for streaming films online. It’s easy to navigate to desired movies chronologically or according to the type of movies. Just like any other free movie streaming sites, it was shut down unexpectedly due to copyright issues.

We have got other options too, which are equally efficient and impressive as the former one but are less popular. All of the below-listed websites are totally free offering tons and tons of online movies and television shows. All of these have excellent video quality and are already tried and tested.

Let’s get started with the list.

Best 10 Sites Like SolorMovie

1. Hulu – Best Site For Movies and Episodes

URL $7.99/Mon (Limited Commercials) or $11.99/Mon (No Commercials)

Hulu is a well known and popular video site for films and episodes. It is a complete package. One can quickly get videos of his/her choice whenever he/she wants. One can find a fantastic collection of TV shows and movies on this website, that too in HD quality. It has more than 50 live channels that are available on demand of the users. It offers its users an extensive database of high quality curated content with excellent customer support.

Hulu offers its users with complete entertainment package. Along with the movies, it also streams kids entertainment channels and videos. Also, it comes intact with powerful search and navigation tools. This website is both mobile and desktop compatible. It is available for all the major platforms like Android TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, Amazon, Roku and many more. So far it is one of the best and popularly recommended SolarMovie alternative.

2. Yes Movies –

URL Free

As the name suggests, this website allows you to say yes to all your movies. YesMovies is an outstanding alternative to SolarMovie. It works in a completely different way. Instead of showing movies on their homepage, they provide a search box feature which allows users to search the keyword that they are mainly looking for. This feature ensures quick and easy search for the movies. Yes, Movies has excellent layout design, which sets it apart from all the other websites like Solormovie.

It has an excellent loading speed and hence justifies the tagline of  “quickly everything loads”. This website has a continuous running slideshow to keep the user updated about the recent releases. Apart from movies, one can also enjoy watching TV series on Yes Movies.

3. Yify Movies

URL Free

Yify is a perfect destination for those who believe in quality content over quantity. The incredible thing about Yify Movies is that all the movies are in HD quality. They do not provide any kind of TV shows but a user can absolutely choose a movie from the multiple genres available on the website, be it drama, romance, crime, action and many more; Yify Movies has it all and that too in superb resolution. The resolution quality is either 720p or 1080p. In addition, Yify supports multiple languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Punjabi, Japanese, German, Korean, Hindi, Russian and many more. Hence, due to all these factors, Yify Movies is considered as a high-quality replacement for SolarMovie.

4. Rainierland

URL Free

Another great substitute for SolarMovie is Rainierland. This website has a lot of the different things to offer to its users. This website has a very plain and simple layout. It works in a completely different style by portraying its users with the movies that are trending and have grabbed much more love and attention as compared to the other movies. Hence, this website is based on user behavior to a very large extent. It understands what the user desires, and offers him/her exactly the same content. Along with the movies, this website also offers the liberty of watching the full episodes of all the famous TV series.

5. New Movies Online

URL :     Cost : Free

The users generally fall in love with this website on the internet when it comes to watching movies online. As the name suggests, New movies online offer a huge directory of movies from all the genres: drama, horror, comedy, action, thriller etc. Along with the latest movies, this website offers a very great catalog for TV shows, series, documentaries, and videos. In addition, language is no bar for this website as they provide movies in multiple languages. Unlike SolarMovie, this site also works on streaming the content from the third party application.

6. Vumoo

URL :    Cost : Free

Vummo is another popular site amongst best sites like Solormovie. The best thing that sets Vumoo apart from all of its competitors is that along with providing huge and latest collection of movies, it offers some great documentaries too. All of this great quality content is available absolutely free of cost on their website. The user just needs to register with them and he/she is all set to go. This website just works excellent in terms of maintenance and management and gives its users the amazing movie streaming experience. The most noteworthy feature of this website is that it contains no pop-ups ads. Vumoo is the best pick for those who really like variety in their lives.

7. Haloa Movies

URL :         Cost : Free

Haloa Movies is famous for its details of the movies and also its well-maintained website. It is quite different in few aspects that this website has very fewer commercial ads and its homepage is excellently designed. Haloa Movies provides a wide collection of High Definition print movies for all the genre types.

The only disappointment of this website is that it does not provide any kind of TV series and shows.

8. Movie Watcher

URL :     Cost : Free

Movie Watcher is a very simple yet beautifully designed alternative of SolarMovie. This website provides its users with great filter options on the basis of Genre, Years, the Movies an TV shows. This website offers best quality video with very fast loading speed.

Apart from movies, the major attraction to the viewers is the collection of TV shows and series.

9. PrimeWire

URL :      Cost : Free

PrimeWire is the right choice for both Hollywood and Bollywood lovers. It is the right choice for those who look for trailers before watching the movie. The user just needs to complete the registration process by creating an account on the website, to get unlimited access to the movies.

In addition, all the movies have IMDB rating with them for easy selection. Also, it comes with an inbuilt music integration feature.

10. Movies4u

URL :            Cost : Free

Movies4u is a well-known website for providing high-quality content. This website provides not just movies but also the videos. Its simple design makes sure that all of its users enjoy great movie experience. All the movies are portrayed with visible thumbnails and clearer fonts. Movies4u library also features some great TV shows with all the latest episodes.

Cheers to films and Tv shows binging!

How to Install SolarMovie Addon on Kodi ( Krypton & Jarvis)

Here, we will learn how to install SolarMovie add-on on Kodi Krypton and Kodi Jarvis.

SolarMovie Addon for Kodi Krypton (v17)

Installing this add-on on Krypton version of Kodi isn’t as straightforward as you may have liked. Nevertheless it is easy as long as you follow each step carefully. We will first need to install Xunity Repo in order to get SolarMovie add-on. In case you have already installed Xunity Repo then you can jump directly to the next set of steps.

Here is what you need to do to install Xunity:

  1. Run Kodi on your device
  2. Click the option Add-ons on the left sidebar
  3. Now click the Cog or Gear icon to open the Settings. Open the Add-ons category again and locate the option called Unknown Sources. Move the slider next to this option to right to turn it ON. Confirm your action by clicking Yes.
  4. Go back to the home screen and click on the icon that looks like a Folder. This will take you to the File Manager screen. You should be able to see a list there. Scroll down and double click on the “Add source” option.
  5. You should now see a dialog box titled “Add file source”. Click inside the text box that has <None> already in it
  6. Here you will need to enter the media source. Enter (make sure you enter it correctly).
  7. Now press “Done” button
  8. Now you will need to give this media source a name. You can give any name you want but make sure you chose something you can easily remember later and relate it to Xfinity repo. To make things easier, we will choose the name “xfinity” (of course without quotes)
  9. Click on OK in order to add the file
  10. Now go back to the home screen again. Again select the option Add-ons on the left. Click on the icon that looks like a square box open on the top with an arrow going inside through it.
  11. Now select the option “Install from zip file.”
  12. Now select xfinity or the name you chose in step 8.
  13. Now select the file from the list .XunityTalk
  14. Wait for a few seconds until you see the notification that says “Add-on enabled”
  15. Now go back to Kodi home screen and follow this path to open the add-on: Add-ons >> SolarMovie

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That’s it! You have successfully added the Xunity Repo. Now we will follow the next set of steps. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Launch Kodi if you have closed it and make sure you are on the home screen
  2. Click the option “Add-ons” one more time
  3. Again locate the icon representing a box with the arrow through it from the top side. Click that icon
  4. Now you need to click “Install from repository” option
  5. Locate the .XunityTalk Repository and then click the option called “Video add-ons”
  6. You should now be able to see a list. From this list you need to click “Openload Movies” option
  7. Now click on the button labeled “Install”
  8. Again choose the .XunityTalk Repository
  9. Wait for a little while and you should be able to see the notification saying that the add-on was enabled
  10. Now return to the Kodi home screen one more time and select “System” option
  11. Again select the option “Install from repository”
  12. Select “Dandymedia Repository” and then click on “Video add-ons”
  13. Here you need to select the add-on named “SolarMovie”
  14. Click on Install
  15. Wait for a few moments until you see the notification “Add-on enabled”

Now go back to the home screen and follow this path to run the add-on: Add-ons >> SolarMovie

This is how we installed SolarMovie on Kodi Krypton

SolarMovie for Kodi Jarvis (v16)- Step By Step Installation

You will need Xunity Repo on Jarvis as well to install the SolarMovie add-on. If you don’t have it already, simply follow the steps outlined above. Once you have installed the repo, follow the steps below to get SolarMovie add-on on Jarvis (v16):

  1. Launch Kodi on your device
  2. Now hover the mouse pointer over the heading called System. Here, select the option File Manager
  3. On the next screen you need to click the option ‘Add source’
  4. A dialog box will pop-up where you need to enter the media source in the <None> field. Overwrite <None> with the following address:
  5. Now click on the ‘Done’ button
  6. You will need to give this file a name. We will use this name later. So, give it a name you can remember. We would recommend giving it the name Xfinity as you will be able to identify it easily in a later step
  7. Click on OK
  8. Now select the System heading
  9. On the next screen click “Install from repository”
  10. Select .XunityTalk Repository
  11. From the list of the options select “Video addons”
  12. When you see the list of all the add-ons, scroll down and select “Openload Movies”
  13. Now you need to click “Install”
  14. Wait for a few seconds until you see the notification that the add-on is enabled
  15. Go back to the home screen of Kodi and click the ‘System’ option
  16. Again you need to click on “Install from repository”.
  17. You will be able to see the DandyMedia repository here. Simply click on the option “Video add-ons”
  18. Now click on the ‘SolarMovie’ add-on and then click on ‘Install’
  19. Wait for the ‘add-on enabled’ notification
  20. To access the add-on visit the path Videos >> Add-ons >> SolarMovie

This is it! You are done now!

Hope, you loved our collection of best sites likes Solormovie. If you find more similar sites, let us know we’ll add up them into the list.