Is Kodi Legal & Safe to Use ?

There has been an ongoing debate whether or not Kodi is legal. While some say Kodi app is completely legal, some call it borderline unlawful, while others maintain it is outright illegal. The legality of a freeware media streaming application varies across countries. But, largely, as long as Kodi is being used to stream the licensed content over the web or from your personal device, it is legal. It would be imperative to understand Kodi a little better in order to understand how it fits on the legal landscape.

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Understanding Kodi and Legality

Kodi is essentially a free, open-source, media streaming service which lets you play videos, music, and podcasts from a wide range of sources including internet and local storage. It is supported on variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Chromecast, Smart TVs and more.

Kodi is completely free and can be easily installed on many devices. This software lets you view the content from various sources with the help of many builds and add-ons it supports. It also lets you stream the paid content for free through the add-ons. If you have media stored on your device, you can convert it into your personal media server using Kodi.

Legality of Kodi has always been questionable. Anything that allows you to view the paid, copyrighted content without paying anything is apparently illegal. There have been several rulings against the distributors that sell the media devices with Kodi pre-installed.

But, does that mean you as an end user also doing something illegal by using Kodi to view the licensed content for free?  This is where legality becomes less black and white.

Copyright laws are rather vague and allow many escape routes. As per the laws, the users are not permitted to store or own any copyrighted content unless they have obtained the license for it by express permission from the owner of the content or by purchase. But, streaming is different. You do not store or own any content when you stream it over internet. It is like watching a movie on a friend’s TV who has legally bought the DVD. This pretty much lets the users elude the clutches of the law.

That said, you still need to be mindful of what you are streaming and keep to what is legal. The laws around streaming are ambiguous at best and can still pull you in the legal cobweb. And, if nothing else, watching pirated content is unethical.

But, it’s not the same for the distributors. If someone is selling a device that lets the users watch copyrighted content without permission, the seller will fall within the purview of the law and can be implicated.

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Is Kodi Safe?

Safety is another side of using Kodi you need to be heedful of. What exactly are the safety concerns around Kodi? Honestly, as long as you are watching legal content and not breaking any copyright laws, you are safe. Kodi is a popular application designed by trusted developers. It doesn’t pass any malicious program to your device during installation. It also scans the add-ons and builds for any potential threats and blocks anything suspicious.

When we talk about safety, it is pertaining to getting dragged into legal hassles over watching copyrighted content unlawfully. We will maintain that watching copyrighted content is, to the say least, unethical. You must not do it. But, with applications like Kodi, telling the legal content from the illegal one could be difficult at times. Unbeknownst, you may end up streaming the copyrighted content on Kodi.

The content owners incorporate web programs to randomly track the IP addresses of the users streaming their copyrights unlawfully. To avoid any legal trouble and to maintain your safety and privacy, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to stream the content anonymously. There are plenty of free and paid VPN services available for download on various device platforms including mobile and PC.

The VPN service masks your IP address and generates a new IP address. Not only can you use Kodi anonymously, all your internet activities become private.


Kodi in itself, as a standalone software is not illegal. But, when it is used to stream paid content for free, it gets close to copyright infringement. Use this incredible application to view only the content you rightfully own. It will not only keep you away from any legal mess, it is also ethically sound. There are plenty of websites, such as Netflix, you can subscribe to, and use stream with Kodi on your device.

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