20 Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts Every User Must Be Knowing

Kodi has been around for over a decade, but in the last few years it has gained overwhelming acceptance worldwide. This open-source tool is easily one of the best media players you could find in the present time. It has a large, active community, which has been instrumental in its growth and popularity. One of the factors that make Kodi this popular is the ease of use it offers. Not only does it have a user friendly interface, it also supports various keyboard shortcuts that make some of the most common tasks much easier to carry out. In this article we round up the top 20 Kodi keyboard shortcuts every Kodi user could benefit from.

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1. Full Screen Toggle (\)

When you launch Kodi, by default it opens in the full screen mode. One way to restore it to window mode is to press the button on the screen. But, if you have a keyboard, you can toggle between these two modes easily by pressing the \ key. By doing so, you can access other apps and programs while Kodi is still running.

2. Audio Delay (A)

While usually the audio syncs fine with the video playback, sometimes it does not. If you experience such an issue, worry not. Simply press A to delay the audio and align it with the video.

3. Play (P)

Want to quickly play the video without having to lift your fingers from the keyboard? Simply press P key to play the video

4. Fast Forward (F)

If you would like to fast forward the video, all you need to do is press F. Press it once and the video runs 2 times faster. Tap the F key twice and your video will run 4 times the normal speed. In case you wish to skip the video by 30 seconds, just press the right arrow key (→)

5. Rewind (R)

If you wish to watch a part of the video again, press the R key to rewind it. When you press R key once, the video rewinds at twice the normal speed. If you press it twice, it will rewind 4 times faster. If you need to rewind your video by 30 seconds, press the left arrow key (←)

6. Stop (X)

To stop the video while it is playing, hit the X key. You can press P to start playing it again.

7. Return to Home Screen or the Previous Menu (Esc)

If you need to return to the home screen quickly, press the Esc key. You could also press the Esc key to return to the previous menu.

8. Toggle Subtitles (T)

If you you wish to turn the subtitles on or off, all you need to do is press the T key. But, for this key to work you must have added the subtitles to the video. Else, it will make no sense.

9. Volume Control (- and + keys)

Press the volume controls – or + repeatedly to lower or raise the volume respectively to the desired level. You can also long press the keys to change the volume level. If you wish to mute the video, tap the – key repeatedly or keep it pressed until the volume is lowered to zero level.

10. Screenshot (Print Screen, Prt Sc, or CTRL + S)

There are two ways to take the screenshot of the video. The first method is to press CTRL + S. This will open a dialogue box prompting you to choose the location where you wish to save the screenshot in the image format.

The other way is to simply hit the ‘Print Screen’ or ‘Prt Sc’ button (varies across keyboards). The screen grab will thus be saved onto the clipboard. You can copy it in MS Paint or any other compatible program by pressing CTRL + V.

11. Pause or Play (Space Bar)

If you would like to toggle between Pause and Play, all you need to do is press the ‘Space bar’. Pressing this key will pause the video if it is already playing. If it is paused, Space bar will continue playing it. You must have noticed that this is the same keyboard shortcut most media players use for the same functions. This brings a sense of familiarity and ease of use.

12. Shut Down or Exit (S)

If you wish to quickly exit Kodi with just a single click, simply press S on your keyboard. You will see a prompt with the exit options. Here, you can choose to exit Kodi and keep the OS running. You can also choose to shut down or hibernate the OS from here.

13. Change Aspect Ratio (Z)

If you wish to change the resolution or aspect ratio of the video while it is playing, simply press the key Z. Every time you hit Z, Kodi video will change to a different resolution depending upon what is supported on your device. This help you pick the resolution most optimal for viewing.

14. Zoom In (+)

When you press + during video playback, it will increase the volume. But, when you are watching an image, press this key to zoom in.

15. Zoom Out (-)

To Zoom out the image, all you got to do is press the minus (-) key.

16. Zoom in Increments (1 to 9)

There are 9 zoom levels corresponding to the 9 numerical keys (1 to 9) on the keyboard. Press one of these keys to zoom the image to the corresponding level.

17. Next Picture (.)

If you are viewing pictures on Kodi, you could press period (.) key to jump to the next picture. This lets you quickly browse through the pictures without having to use the mouse at all.

18. Previous Picture (,)

Wish to return to the previous image while browsing. Just press the comma (,) key on the keyboard.

19. Toggle between watched or unwatched (W)

To mark a video in the playlist as watched or unwatched press the W key.

20. Skip to the top of the menu (Home)

While navigating through the menu, press the Home key to jump right to the top of any menu.

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