Best Kodi Sports Addons 2017

Love to watch sports on your device? Well, if you have Kodi, you are in luck. Kodi media player supports lots of sports add-ons. This means you can watch live stream and recording of any sport you want from around the world. In this article we catalogue 20 best Kodi sports add-ons for 2017.

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 1. Stream Engine

Stream Engine is undeniably one of the best sports add-ons you can get for Kodi this year. This add-on gives you access to lots of links to the sports streams and many of them are live too. This add-on also gives access to movies and TV shows.

2. Phoenix

If you are a sports lover, Phoenix is probably the first add-on you should get on your Kodi. It has plenty of interesting channels and live streams from around the world. This add-on also lets you watch live TV from various sources. It is a lightweight and easy to use add-on for Kodi.

3. Halow Live TV

This is another great add-on for Kodi you should have if you love to watch sports channels. It brings the stream from a wide range of sports events through various channels. You can watch famous channels such as Football Replays and Sports Live TV. Besides sports, it also lets you stream other content such as movies and TV series.

4. Zem TV

Zem TV is very well known for its great collection of sports streaming content. You can stream all the content in HD quality. This is a plus as many sports channels do not offer HD quality and when they do it is not satisfactory. The content is constantly updated so there is always something new to watch.

5. Adrian Sports

Adrian Sports makes it to the list and earns its keep here. This is because it has a huge collection of sports channels you can stream in HD quality. It is an easy to install and easier to use add-on. You can watch recorded sports events as well as the live ones.

6. DC Sports

DC Sports is your regular sports add-on for Kodi. But, the one thing that makes it stand out is the e-sports content it gives the users access to. This means besides the regular sports events and matches you can also watch e-sports channels. You can watch the content from various countries.

7. Sports Devil

Sports Devil is one of the very popular sports add-ons for Kodi. Like the other sports add-ons, Sports Devil streams content from a variety of channels and lets you play them on your TV through Kodi. Whether you love to watch wrestling, Baseball, Basketball or Football, you can have it all through this add-on.

8. Bulldog Streams

One of the best things about Bulldog Streams is that it gives you access to the content from all over the world. This is why it makes to this list of top Kodi sports add-ons for 2017. The content collection is pretty decent and streaming quality is good. As a sports lover, you will like to try this add-on.

9. cCloud TV

cCloud TV is not exactly a sports channel, but it still is on this list for a very good reason. It gives you access to the links to more than one thousand TV channels and many of them are dedicated to sports. If you are searching for an add-on with sports channel, there is a good chance you will find it on cCloud TV.

10. Pulse Sports

Pulse Sports is a dedicated sports add-on for Kodi. This free of cost add-on allows you access to several sports channels and events. You can pick any sports of your choice and there is always a channel for you. Whether you like soccer, rugby, football, cricket, wrestling or any other sport, Pulse Sports has it all.

11. NJM Soccer

While it may look like that NJM Soccer is only related to Soccer, but it has many TV channels for a variety of sports. For example, if you like to watch Golf, this add-on will offer many channels related to this sport. It is easy to download and very easy to use as well.

12. Castaway

Just like a few other add-ons on this list, Castaway also offers you the access to a variety of TV channels. Most of the channels are related to sports and this is the reason why Castaway made it to this list. You can use the Fusion repository to install this add-on.

13. Pro Sport

If you are looking for the live streams from the popular sports groups such as NFL, NHL and NBA, this is the add-on you would like to install with Kodi. What’s more interesting is that you can also watch the recording of the games and not just the live streams.

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14. Find My Game

If you are not sure which Kodi add-on to install to watch the live stream of your favourite game at any moment, Find My Game is the add-on you should get immediately. It will search for all the live streams currently active for a particular game. But, it is not just a look up add-on.  Find My Game has some its own streams as well.

15. Navi-X

One of the best things about Navi-X is that it has the stream for the most popular sports events happening at any particular time and you can find them easily on its home screen in the ‘Recently Viewed section. It is one of the oldest Kodi add-on and offers some really high quality streams.  It is a must-have for sports lovers.

16. Champion Sports

There aren’t a lot of add-ons that offer the full HD 1080p streaming. Most of them have 720p at best. But, Champion Sports is different. It may not have a huge collection of streams, but whatever it has is offered in the best possible quality. To install Champion Sports, you will first need to install SportsDevil add-on.

17. Soccer Streams

This is arguably the best Kodi add-on dedicated to Soccer streams. If are a fan of Soccer then you must definitely get this add-on. It will give you access to the games from the top Soccer leagues of the world. Whether you are looking for a European or South American league, it has it all.

18. Maverick TV

Maverick TV is not exactly a sports add-on. So, why does it make it to the list? Simply because it sources links from hundreds of TV channels and many of them are sports streams. So, there is a good chance you can find the sport stream of your choice through Maverick TV.

19. Our Sports

Our Sports is a great sports add-on for Kodi. However, the reason why it is on the bottom of the list is that you can get content only from Canada, USA, and UK. Besides sports, it also lets you watch movies and TV shows. You can also get content for kids.

20. Sportie

Sportie is a fairly new Kodi add-on but is fast emerging as one of the best. It does not have a lot of channels and streams but their number is growing by day. Very soon it will start competing with the top sports add-ons we have put in this list.

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