Best Kodi Builds for Firestick

Kodi offers some really useful, pre-installed builds. These builds can come handy in many situations. However, there are times you wished you could extend the functionality of this already great media player. This is where the third-party builds come into picture. In this article we will take a look at some of the best Kodi builds for FireStick device from Amazon.

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1. Black Glass

This is easily usable best Kodi build for Firestick device. The fact that it packs a large number of useful add-ons is what makes it a great pick for Firestick. It also allows you add new add-ons whenever you wish to. The build has been designed by Goodfellas. As this name suggests, it has the gangster tone characteristic to the word. Black Glass is a lightweight build and takes less than 200 MB space. This is why it does not have any impact on the system performance. You can use it with almost all the FireStick devices of your choice. But, one big drawback is that it has not been developed for Kodi Krypton. You can only get it on Jarvis.

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2. Super Cars V1.1

This is another incredible best Kodi build for Firestick 2017. The best thing about this build is that it is extremely lightweight. It weighs half of the Black Glass build. At 100 MB not only does it make sure there is no impact on device performance, it also does not occupy a lot of storage space. This version of Super Cars seems to have been created for low end Firestick device. And, as the name suggests, it is all about the swanky, Super Cars. Unfortunately, this build is also meant only for Jarvis and is not available on Krypton.

3. SG Family

SG Family is not just a single build but a bundle of builds designed for Kodi for FireStick. This series of builds are designed to be lightweight and performance oriented. The lightest build is not more than 150 MB. But, some of the builds can go as high as 300 MB. These builds can completely change the look and feel of your Install interface. The good news is that it is available on Jarvis as well as Krypton. Installing and using SG Family builds is quite easy we would say.

4. Razer Builds

If you are looking for a build that can give you access to some awesome add-ons, you shoudl definitely give Razer a try. Just like SG, Razer is not a single build but a family of various builds. All the Razer builds are also light in weight and make sure they do not bring down the Firestick performance. They are also easy to deploy and simple to use. All the builds in this family are nearly 200 MB in size. And yes! They have been designed for Jarvis and Krypton both.

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5. Horizon Builds

This is another awesome Kodi build customized and optimized for Amazon FireStick. The developers have put a lot of attention into designing. These builds work really well on all the FireStick devices. Horizon lets you look up for all the add-ons you have installed on Kodi on FireStick. This could be very handy when you have lots of add-ons. Managing and using add-ons thus becomes quite easy. Horizon also looks very beautiful. It uses the space themes for the background.

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