Best 23 Kodi Boxes to Try Out in 2018 [Kodi Streaming Boxes]

Kodi needs no introduction. It’s incredibly popular for being the most compatible, well-supported and user-friendly streaming software to have ever exploded on the scene. Despite all the positives and perks, there’s one shortcoming of Kodi, and that is the lack of an official streaming box, featuring everything a user can think of, for better access and control.

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Well, turns out, there isn’t any death of third-party Kodi Boxes options as well. We’ve curated a list of 10 best Kodi Android boxes in 2018 the market has to offer. Let’s begin!


Best Android Kodi Boxes in 2018

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

amazon fire tv stick


Amazon Fire TV Stick is the top-drawer choice for Kodi users for its self-explanatory interface and a rather pleasant experience while navigating the menus. With 2017’s Fire TV version, there’s even a better worked-up processor, allowing you to stream your favorite content at 30% faster speed. That said, the price is a tad costlier and a slight disadvantage to some. Also, downloading Kodi on the Fire TV Stick is an inconvenience too, since the app isn’t available on the app store and you’ll be required to sideload Kodi.

2. Amazon Fire TV

amazon fire tv

Amazon Fire TV has a full punch of features, making it the choicest Kodi box for streaming Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix. The services are supported in 4K with HDR, but what makes Fire TV a rather convincing option is the ability to play Ultra HD content. As far as speed is in the dock, Kodi works like a charm on Fire TV. Everything loads faster and your entertainment moves in full swing. Again, Kodi app isn’t available on Amazon Fire TV, so you’d be required to sideload Kodi.

3. XBox One

xbox one

XBox One needs no introduction. It’s a powerful gaming console from the technology titan, Microsoft, and is an ideal box to buy for die-hard Kodi fans. It supports services in 4K with Ultra HD, allowing gamers to experience gaming 60 FPS. And with XBox One supporting Kodi officially now, it definitely has much more than ever to offer you.

4. Seguro Trongle X4

Seguro Trongle X4

The power of 4K isn’t hard to find, but spending wads of cash on the service, that can be availed reasonably, might not be an option to a few. Meet Seguro Trongle X4, one of the most budgeted Kodi boxes in the market with the best 4K chops without any limitations tied along. It runs full Android 6.0 and has an in-built Google Play Store, making it easy and straightforward to download Kodi. Its small and manageable size is also a bonus here. The only downside is its Wi-Fi support, which is quite buggy and sluggish. Choose Ethernet instead.

5. Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield is a state-of-the-art Kodi box, the best of the range, designed to suit all sorts of 4K streaming demands, be it Netflix or the high-end GeForce games. With Google Play reconfigured for your TV screen and is controllable via remote access, which makes downloading Kodi a cakewalk, Nvidia Shield is designed for the maximum ease and and comfort. It runs Android 6.0, and works nicely, offering you no lengthy waits while running Kodi. The interface is pretty slick and navigable too with menus neatly splattered all across. If you’re looking for a Kodi box, giving you the best of both worlds (gaming & entertainment), Nvidia Shield is what you need.

6. Emtec GEM Box

Emtec GEM Box

If you’re a Kodi beginner, Emtec GEM Box is a pretty nice option to consider. It has simplistic interface and features, but that shouldn’t motivate you to buy it. This Kodi box runs Android 4.4, making it incompatible with latest Kodi builds, and doesn’t support the 4K content streaming, which is indeed discouraging. However, it’s unfair to pinpoint only its negatives. There are a few good things as well, like the wallet-friendly price and a fairly decent wi-fi performance. If you are low on budget and the price point is the only thing you’re looking for, Emtec GEM is okay to have. But if you don’t want to bow to mediocrity, look for other options we’ve covered in the list.

7. T95X TV Box

T95X TV Box

One of the most important selling points of T95X TV Box is the automatic access to latest updates from the Google Play Store. Running Android 6.0, it supports 4K resolution streaming, and allows you to download add-ons on HC resolution for streaming movies and TV shows. For any problem you might encounter, there’s a live support to hear your concerns and provide easy assistance.

8. Buzz TV 3000

Buzz TV 3000

Buzz TV 3000 is a beast of a Kodi box with capabilities to run over a million different apps. Specs-wise, this Kodi box runs Android 6.0, has a 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and an internal memory 8GB. Being a cutting-edge Kodi box, it supports 4K streaming, 2k 1080 (60fps), and a range of other low-end resolutions.

9. Q-Box Amlogic S905

Q-Box Amlogic S905

The 450 Penta-Core processor of Q-Box Amlogic S905 is where its power lies. Though the Android version of 5.1 Lollipop is a tad behind the times, its capability to support 4K content with 1080p streaming makes it quite a proposition to own. You get a 16GB of internal memory to locally store your content. It features a slick, user-friendly interface, offering you smooth navigation across menus and features. Downloading of apps and games also happens in a snap. All in all, Q-Box Amlogic S905 is a pure pleasure to own.

10. Minix Neo X8

Minix Neo X8

Minix is the brand with the oldest hat in the business of Kodi boxes, however, its Neo X8, which is the most powerful of them all. It has its back on Android, supporting 4K streaming up to 30fps and has a handy remote access for easy control and configuration. Minix Neo X8 has its own version of Kodi, so the need of navigating through the Google Play Store is banished.

Best Legal Kodi Boxes in 2018

1. Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3

Thanks to its customisability, diminutive size, and cost-effectiveness, Raspberry Pi 3 makes for a great Kodi box, which is also a fancy tiny computer used for multiple purposes. Powered by a quad-core processor, Pi 3 can handle 1080p videos quite nicely, but doesn’t support 4K content, which is indeed a downer. It doesn’t even downscale 4K content to make it run, presenting glitched, broken pictures, which are a pain to watch. Since wireless connection can be a tad bumpy, try Ethernet rather to avoid buffering issues. Also, it doesn’t come with a remote either, so you can try controlling it with an HDMI CEC-compatible TV’s remote.

2. Roku Ultra 4K

Roku Ultra 4K

Roku Ultra 4K is a breeze of a Kodi device, and packs a powerful performance as a streaming box. Coming with a quad-core processor inside, it supports both 4K and HDR content, and deliver content of crisper quality. Roku Ultra 4K has an impressively smooth interface, making it really easy to navigate the menus and control the functions. Night Mode is an excellent addition, which tones down the content to a compatible contrast and highlights dialogues. Overall, it’s no mean feat for a Kodi box, and is a great choice.

3. Ebox T8 V

Ebox T8 V

Ebox T8 V is the fastest Kodi legal box to buy and try. It runs on latest Android, has a Kodi build inside, and packs a high-end processor, offering content at a multiplied speed. Haven’t tried a streaming box earlier? The custom dual launcher of Ebox T8 V for both starters and expert users can help you get through the learning curve and learn the device’s controls.

4. Xiaomi Mi

Xiaomi Mi tv box

First comes first, Xiaomi Mi looks fantastic for its slim and slick design, and scores a full ten for being a handy, compact Kodi box. It’s a cutting-edge device with lots of amazing features, including the support for 4k resolutions, a powerful processor, and 8GB of onboard memory to store the content. If cost is a restriction, there’s no looking beyond the Xiaomi Mi.

5. Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra

‘Chromecast Ultra, coming from a biggie like Google, is a league of its own. It’s an excellent Kodi box with support for both 4K and HDR content, and comes with a good speed leverage to help you watch the content of intense quality smoothly. If numbers are to go by, Chromecast supports over 30 million songs, and more than 200,000 TV shows and movies. An attached Ethernet port ensures a stable connection speed and provides a jerk-free 4K playback and HDR content. Chromecast Ultra, with such set of features, is inarguably a great Kodi box to bring home.

6. Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is relatively cheaper and is an excellent Kodi device to try out. It’s basically a watered down version with no remote control, and a content range that competes with Roku. Portability is another USP of Chromecast. It’s travel-friendly, and you can easily stow it around on the move. If you want a Kodi box for your smartphone, there’s no knocking out the Chromecast. It’s quite easy to set-up. Just plug it in, get yourself around the smartphone app for a few prompts, and you’re good to go.

Best Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes in 2018

1. MXQ Pro


Much to your surprise, Kodi works way better on MXQ Pro than Fire TV Stick, which might make you rush to buy it. But remember, it comes pre-equipped with a set of Kodi builds, which are illegal in most countries. MXQ Pro is available for $32.49 on Amazon.

2. Minix Neo U1

Minix Neo U1

It’s quite magical to see Kodi working seamlessly on Minix Neo U1. The device is equipped with some excellent capabilities, including a brilliant processor, a storage of 16GB, and a steady, flowing Wi-Fi connection.

3. Matricom Android G-Box Q2

Matricom Android G-Box Q2

Matricom Android G-Box Q2 steals the limelight for being a feature-rich Kodi box. It’s powered by an octa-core processor and supports 4K content, offering exceptional content viewing with no glitches or screen breaks. Not just movies and songs, you can play intense games without any freezes or glitches, and indulge in some really fun, unstoppable gaming.

4. Nexsmart D32 Android Kodi TV Box

Nexsmart D32 Android Kodi TV Box

Considering the tiny size of Nexsmart D32 Kodi box, the performance is pretty impressive. It runs on latest Android and has full-scale Kodi builds – some legal, some illegal. Being an Android box, it also allows you to play games from Google App Store.

Best Kodi Boxes For Live TV in 2018

1. Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV livens up your entertainment by letting you watch the exceptional content from Netflix, HBO, Hulu and much more. By scooping up great entertainment for daily watching, Apple TV is certainly a Kodi box to place your bets. The only downside is that you’ve to download the Kodi on your own, as the software isn’t pre-installed.

2. Kukele S912

Kukele S912

Kukele S912 brings a ton of Kodi-addons, boosting the scope of your entertainment and making it much versatile. Specs-wise, it has a 3GB RAM, a powerful 64-bit processor, and a user-friendly interface that makes navigation a cinch. The media library is pretty extensive and updates automatically to get you the best of the beat.

3. SkyStream Two

SkyStream Two

Touted as the fastest Kodi box for Live TV, SkyStream Two offers dynamic 4k watching with ease. With the availability of content from Netflix and Hulu, there’s a lot of customization available and wonderfully so.

Phew! This was quite a list, no? These are the best Kodi boxes you can try in 2018. If you’ve any specific favorite to mention, let us know in the comments section below.