9 Best VPNs for Kodi to Unleash Its Full Potential

VPNs are pretty comforting for what they do. They hide your identity on the web and let you surf around freely. A secure connection is made, using which, you can access all the websites, even those restricted to your region. Technically, you get remote access to virtual private networks. A VPN also helps you keep your privacy unharmed against prying eyes, which need just a weak link to hack your personal information. Since you go anonymous and all your traffic is held on a private line, you can easily dodge the virtual restrictions and hackers on the way. So basically, VPNs are very useful at times when user’s privacy is repeatedly twisted and challenged.

Now let’s have a check on what Kodi is. It’s particularly everything a home theatre lover needs. For those who don’t know, Kodi is the most popular media player for sharing content across home. It’s trendy, very easy to have your hands on, and compatible to just about every OS you can count. Also, lest we forget, it’s completely free. The best part is the availability of Kodi addons, which let you push its capabilities, bring extra features onboard and improve your viewing experience.

When it comes to streaming, VPNs are of immense help. You need security and speed while downloading your content and a right VPN provides just that. By shifting your activities to a protected, dedicated network, you’re given a leeway to access various sites and download content faster. That makes enough sense as to why you need a good VPN for Kodi.

After trying a handful of them and spending a couple of hours trying them, we’ve curated a guide of best Kodi VPNs with our hand-picked options. Let’s dive in straight.


1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Nord VPN has one of the largest server coverage, spanning across 61 countries and is among the best VPN for Kodi available. It impressively hides your IP and encrypts your internet activities, thereby keeping snoopers and hackers at a bay. Loaded with Double VPN technology, it blankets your data not once, but twice. This maximized security keeps you at a happy place all across the expansive network. You’re well-guarded against the malicious threats, intruding ads and more, that may challenge your privacy. With strict no-log policy, your activities are nowhere close to logged in and cannot be traced back to you. Nord VPN gives you the advantage of establishing six connections without compromising on the speed or quality of the streaming. Also, the accidental exposures due to sudden VPN connection drops can be avoided, courtesy to the automatic kill switch that immediately shuts down the site and prevents you from being at the crossroads.


  • Allows P2P activities
  • Heavy or Double Data Encryption
  • Strict No-log policy
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Multiple connections
  • Several Payment methods including Bitcoins


  • Expensive on a monthly basis

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2. VyprVPN


Seeking a way out of pauses and buffering hogging your screen? Try VyprVPN. It’s relatively faster and offers commendable downloading speed – a feature that’s really tempting enough to grab it now. It caters to more than 70 countries and becomes a VPN with an expansive server coverage. Owing to its Chameleon technology, you aren’t just cloaked well to bypass censorships and firewalls, but also VPN blocking for improving streaming speed and viewing experience. The range of security features is a power-packed one, including a kill switch, NAT Firewall, and the Vypr’s self-owned DNS solution. With no third-party intervention, VyprVPN provides as a single entity that doesn’t make the rookie mistake of spreading itself too thin and increase the chances of a security breach. Though it’s much of an effective tool, yet it’s the payment methodologies, which are a wee bit of a hassle. Unfortunately, payment options are limited with no provision for bitcoins. Moreover, it’s also subject to a narrow consumer funnel, owing to its expensive month on month package and zero P2P support.


  • Fast VPN Speeds
  • Unrestricted User Policy
  • No Third Party Conglomeration
  • Compliant to Multiple Devices
  • Exemplary Customer Service


  • No P2P support
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Expensive on Monthly Basis


3. ExpressVPN


This VPN is a class all by itself; the royal of the Kodi world with no competition at its side when it’s speed and diverse usage in the dock. ExpressVPN Kodi has a widespread reach to over 100 countries, and is based out of British Virgin Islands that doesn’t follow data laws. That means, the web is your open playground with no activity or connection logs. Anonymous browsing and masked IP address don’t let your identity slip away and camouflage you. It could be a pricey stuff, but worth an investment for its high-speed connection and unlimited bandwidth. Also, this VPN comes with some serious and heavy 256-bit AES encryption that can’t be perpetuated easily. Easy to install, it requires one-time setup, and is compatible with Linux, Windows and iOS, which makes it the most versatile choice.


  • Excellent coverage in almost 100 countries
  • High accessibility
  • Impeccable to customer service
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Use Apps
  • Offshore Privacy Protection


  • Expensive
  • Connects 3 devices only
  • Collects non-identifiable metadata


4. IPVanish


IPVanish is the real cord-cutter. It’s a top-notch VPN, promising superb play on its part for securing your identity on the web and protecting your personal information. Like every VPN on the list, IPVanish provides you a secure line, doesn’t keep tabs on your internet traffic and lets you access all websites while dodging off the restrictive networks. Since streaming requires good, consistent speed, IPVanish offers downloads at blazing speeds and razor-sharp security owing to its zero-log policy. Apart from being a VPN with a wider server coverage, IPVanish improves download speeds by over 15% and transform your experience much better than before. The major undoing of IPVanish is its cost. It’s tad expensive with no free trials and three subscription plans that include a money-back guarantee. This could be a bit discomforting for those on a budget. However, if you’re still okay with spending, you can buy the 1-year subscription plan, the most affordable of the range.


  • Largest server coverage in over 60 countries
  • Excellent security features
  • Fast downloads by over 15%
  • Zero log policy
  • Best for enjoying HD streaming


  • Pricey
  • No user forum

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5. Pure VPN

Pure VPN

Pure VPN outsmarts ExpressVPN with a server coverage in over 140 countries, and is also a rewarding VPN with its set of superior features. With support for malware and adware blocking, wide protocol and DNS and IPv6 protection, this VPN lets you explore the internet in all its vastness. Other features include a smart kill switch, five devices support and payment via bitcoin, making it a well-supported VPN for all your needs. Split Tunneling is an ‘extra’ feature, using which, you can decide that which traffic relies on the VPN, and which goes through the IP address. That’s a rare of an offering for any VPN, we feel. The performance is even decent, offering good download speeds and secure browsing. However, you might experience some session logging, which might turn up as the biggest spoiler for some. Again, Pure VPN kodi has no free trials, and the monthly payment plans include a 7-day money-back guarantee.


  • Outstanding server coverage spreading to 140 nations.
  • Good download speeds
  • Decent connections
  • Accepts payment via bitcoin
  • Easy to use mobile and desktop apps


  • Session logging
  • Windows client is weak and not up to snuff
  • No free trial
  • No guarantee


6. Hide.me


Hide.me is a free VPN for Kodi with a limited server coverage, but perfect for beginners. It encourages you to surf web freely by keeping your IP hidden, encrypting your data and guarding you against the spying activities. It improves the download speeds and banishes dreaded pauses, which spoil the party for you. Also, you can easily sidestep several government or workplace restrictions to access the websites that may interest you. There is a strict no-log policy in place, which doesn’t cache your online activities and relieve you from the stress of getting traced. The installation of Hide.me VPN is simple with helpful guides to set up your device and get started. On the pricing front, Hide.me has three monthly plans – a 2GB free plan; a Premium plan(unlimited data); and a Plus plan (75GB data with various other benefits).


  • Robust encryption and security features
  • No-log policy
  • Nice download speeds
  • 2GB free monthly plan


  • Expensive
  • Confusing plan selection


7. Ivacy


Ivacy is a quality VPN for reliable and speedy connections over long distances. It bars spying on your personal data, makes torrenting safe and lets you run content without spilling the beans on your identity. During our trial, we found a noticeable increase in the download speeds, which is why, this VPN is widely favored for all-web access and Kodi streaming. Powered by 256-bit encryption, Ivacy spares you from the horror of hackers, snoopers and government surveillance, and thereby scores a perfect. Installation is also a breeze, as Ivacy’s desktop clients are beginner-friendly. That, and also includes a host of other great features and tweaks for more demanding users. There is no-log policy to track your activities and that’s how your privacy is in safe hands. Ivacy has three subscriptions with a 7-day money-back guarantee. However, no refund is applicable if you’ve used Bitcoin or Paymentwall to make payment, used more than 7GB of bandwidth or connected to the services for more than 30 times. If you’re on a budget, you can opt for 2-year plan, which is relatively cheap and offers enough to meet your needs.


  • 256-bit encryption for robust privacy
  • No-log policy
  • Affordable 2-year plan
  • User-friendly desktop clients


  • Mobile apps are bleak
  • Restricted refund policy

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8. Buffered


VPNs can be a tricky business, but with Buffered, things are pretty self-explanatory and simplified. It’s an intuitive app that makes for superb performance, improves download speeds and provides for 5 simultaneous connections. There are no logs kept, so that you can safely go around with your virtual escapades with a peace of mind. As for the large distance connections, Buffered is the best the internet has to offer. You’ll experience no flakiness and minimum latency. The prime attraction is its one-year affordable plan with a flexible refund policy. One major undoing of the app is its poor mobile support. While the desktop client is done well and doesn’t require you to have crucial skills to use, the mobile app might leave you scratching your head.


  • Easy-to-use desktop app.
  • Laudable download speeds.
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Affordable 1-year plan.


  • No mobile service
  • Slow customer support


9. CyberGhost


CyberGhost has been notching up huge popularity for being a good performance VPN. It has a widespread server coverage spanning over 30 countries and provides for unrestricted web access. Major attractions of CyberGhost VPN include no data transfer limit and no compulsion of providing your email ID to use, which is a privacy boost. With a stern no-logging policy, no internet activities are recorded when you logged in to the service and browse the internet. Other features include a kill switch button and DNS leak protection. On the plus side, installation of CyberGhost is very easy. You just need to click Download to set up the tool, launch it and you’ll be having your copy to connect in just a few seconds. All the clients, be it Windows, Android, iOS and Mac, are all torrent-friendly. The download speeds are decent enough to get you through your tasks and streaming, especially when you opt for the premium plan.


  • Feature-packed
  • No-log policy
  • No-compromise encryptions
  • Torrent-friendly


  • Interface bummers
  • Limited free plan

This brings us to the end of our list of best VPNs for Kodi in 2018. This is the most comprehensive list to check if you’re looking for a VPN worth a try. Which Kodi VPN are you going to try out first? Let us know in the comments section below.